With so much social instability on the African continent, resulting in the loss of security and displacement of many millions of people from their homes, social networks and employment opportunities, we Omonuwa Eichie Charity (OEC) Foundation is very active in bringing relief to a multitude of less-fortunate communities across the Continent.

As a non-profit Organisation, the OEC Foundation is registered to carry out compassionate programs mainly in Nigeria and South Africa, the most recent our food drive at one of the IDP (internally displaced persons) Camp in the Nigerian capital city of Abuja. The strategy is to fine-tune the Foundation’s welfare program templates for export to other disadvantaged African communities in all territories.

Nigeria has suffered its fair share of instability, particularly in the North-east areas and this has spread across the whole of North-eastern Nigeria as well as the entire Lake Chad basin. Here you will find that this seven year conflict and humanitarian crisis in the north has killed 20,000 and displaced 2.6 million people.

This has affected the security of settlements and the livelihood of multitudes as once bustling commercial communities in the area turned to ghost towns, with survivors fleeing the area in a desperate attempt to seek safety. Some seek refuge with relatives but those unfortunate enough not to have anyone care for them end up in camps in places like Jos, Maiduguri, and Abuja and across the border in Chad and Niger.

The Foundation was founded in 2013 to make a meaningful contribution to the easing of conditions, broadly, of the less-fortunate and poverty-stricken throughout Africa. The foundation was established on the premise of (1) empowering the disadvantaged whilst (2) promoting the involvement of others.

The Food Drive that took place on 27 July 2019 succeeded by feeding over 1,000 (one thousand) displaced persons at the camp and is one of the ways in which the OEC Foundation elects to fulfil its mandate of helping the less-fortunate. The event put smiles on the faces of some individuals in the camp, simultaneously – by example – encouraging other groups and individuals to contribute to this aid initiative.

Activities kicked off at the food drive with volunteers arriving to encourage residents of the camp and distribute food packs. The speech given by OEC founder Omonuwa Eichie iterated that no human should go hungry irrespective of ethnicity, race or gender – every human being has a right to sufficient nutrition of a quality to promote health in its consumers.

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