The OEC Foundation came into contact with the Suleiman family in the course of our food distribution event at the Area 1 IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) Camp in Abuja, Nigeria, on 27 July 2019.

We passionately believe that no one should go a day without a meal and following sight of a partial report of Ahmed Suleiman’s medical condition, we felt an urgent need to reach out to the family with food and baby essentials for Ahmed (an eight-month-old baby and the third child of the family, to ensure that the family is catered for and gets the required nutrients for survival, especially as there are two other children in the family aged 7 and 3 respectively.  They were given a two-week supply of food, consisting of:


1 rice, 10kg 1 bag

2 semo, 5kg 1 bag

3 beans, 5kg 1 bag

4 milk, 800g 2 packets

5 sugar 1 packet

6 table salt 1 sachet

7 tea bags 2 packets

8 canned tomatoes 20 sachets

9 palm oil 1 liter

10 vegetable oil 1 liter

11 geisha 6 tins

12 seasoning cubes 1 packet

The family also received a parcel of baby essentials including:


1 diapers 2 packs, 88 pces

2 baby wipes 3 packs, 500 ea.

3 cereal (Nutribon) 2 packs

4 cereal (Cerelac) 2 packs

5 baby milk, 400 grams 2 packets

6 pap 5 ℓ

These Food Pack/Parcels were delivered to the family at their residence in Kabusa village in the federal capital territory, Abuja, Nigeria, by the foundation Program Manager, Eki Unyime-Philip, on behalf of the OEC Foundation. Ms Unyime-Philip also assisted Mrs Suleiman on food preparation techniques for the baby.The family expressed great appreciation, underscoring the benefits of the Foundation’s ethos and attitudes.

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