(internally-displaced persons) Camp, Abuja, Nigeria. Whilst there is consensus that there is a dire need for social change and justice in African society, very few are actually stepping up to be the catalyst for change in their various communities. The OEC Foundation, in line with its stated goal to bring relief to Africa’s less-fortunate communities, embarked on its monthly food distribution event at Abuja’s IDP1 Camp on 31 August 2019.

The not-for-gain Omonuwa Eichie Charity (OEC) Foundation is formerly established in Nigeria and South Africa, which will act as springboards for the Foundation’s five-year strategy into southern and central African territories – and eventually all of sub-Saharan Africa, where food, education, medical and work security is a desperate need.

The event which started at 12pm, with the cooperation of the camp commandant, Umaru Gola as well as other aid workers present, attracted a lot of interest in light of the distribution event held last month.

Building on the previous event, OEC Foundation volunteers endeavoured to put a touch of home and empathy into the latest event. Rather than outsourcing food served, the crew insisted on preparing the meals themselves – adding to the dignity of the beneficiaries and the event itself. Foundation members pressed home the sentiment that no camp member is forgotten by the world at large, and the actualization of one of OEC’s core ethics – ‘No human being should go hungry irrespective of ethnicity, race or gender – was ensured. Every human being has a right to sufficient nutrition of a quality to promote its health.

While preparations for and organization of the food distribution event was, again, taxing on OEC’s volunteer corps, it was nevertheless emotionally uplifting to meet dietary needs of hundreds of IDP Camp residents. Joy and relaxation in the faces of children and the prayers of the adult women and men were motivating.

The Program manager Mrs. Eki Unyime-Philip read the speech and was on ground to make sure that everything went well and everyone at the camp had a smile on their faces.

OEC Foundation thanks you all so much for being here today.

I am your servant Omonuwa Eichie and I am the Founder Omonuwa Eichie Charity Foundation which is also called the OEC Foundation, I must apologize for not being present today at this Food Drive.

We must thank our Foundation sponsors, executives, volunteers, the Camp executives and most of all the great people of this Camp for helping put this Food Drive together, and for giving us an opportunity to serve.

Our belief that no human being should go hungry regardless of their religion, ethnicity, race or gender led to us initiating The OEC Food Drive Programme.

We began the OEC Food Drives in 2013 to help feed the hungry and less-fortunate in our societies.

We started by feeding one hundred people every month but today we will be feeding one thousand and hopefully a thousand more next month.

To the children, women and men of this camp, we say “Do not despair, lose hope or accord blame, for what you are facing today will surely pass and there are better days ahead for you all”.

We will never tire of spreading awareness, assisting and trying to assuage the pain of the less fortunate.

Please let us know what your pains are and how we can serve you better.

Thank you once again.”’ stated Eichie

Our next Food drive  will be taking place on the 31st of August 2019 at the same IDP camp in Abuja and we hope to feed more than a thousand people again

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