About the OEC Foundation 

We help those in need.

The Omonuwa Eichie Charity Foundation (OEC Foundation) is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation that seeks to better the lives of the less-fortunate of Africa. Established in October 2013, presently with offices in Nigeria and South Africa the Foundation has gone a long way, through regular compassionate activity, to lessening the burdens of the disenfranchised populace of our continent.

 Who we are 

The OEC team is a collective of carefully-curated skills, resources and experience. All OEC members share the same vision: an uncluttered, simple desire to improve the lot of those who are suffering loss and impoverishment due to negative economic, social and political issues as well as conflict situations. These losses may take the form of basic nutrition, medical assistance and access to education. OEC also creates awareness and renders assistance to individual causes that are brought to its attention.

Expressly, the Foundation strives to avoid being top heavy in management and infrastructural costs, preferring to divert the majority of resources to those most in need. In addition, the OEC Foundation strives for an unprecedented level of transparency with stakeholders – particularly its donor community – through the provision of structured, comprehensively-detailed and regular reporting.

OEC recognises that skills, experience and means provision are needed for the successful execution of its works; however, what is critical is that its members share a passion for the simple goal of ‘Helping Others’. Thus, OEC’s bottom-line success barometer is only whether people are better off than when OEC arrived.

 Our Vision 

Caring unconditionally for the well-being of children, adults, families and communities of Africa, all lives being of equal value.

 Our Mission 

  • to create a healing environment where people thrive to participate in collaborative efforts that solve our communities life care challenges

  • to serve the nutritional, health, educational, and occupational skills needs of individuals, families and communities through a holistic aid philosophy

  • Use of arts culture and heritage as a strategic resource to enhance patriotism whilst also addressing socio economic challenges

 What Makes Us Different? 

We are different because we have been in those situations, have been to where the need occurs and have no agenda other than to help direct from the donor to the people.

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Ehiaghe Eichie

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Emilia Martins


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