Educational Security

 Educational Security

Our OEC Educational Security Programmes

The primary objective of OEC Foundation is to nurture brilliance as a resource and ensure that it (1) does not go to waste and (2) secures thee futures of the beneficiaries in a tangible and significant way.

We foster niche projects; for instance, we are in the process of developing a mentorship programmes for aspiring and talented African artists, removing obstacles that might otherwise stand in their way.

Donors, assistors and volunteers can be assured that OEC’s feedback reporting system for Foundation stakeholders provides transparent and detailed analysis of your help.

How can you be of Service?

Those interested in education of the disenfranchised are welcome and warmly invited to participate in our Programs in the following ways and, indeed, in any other ways you may think of:

• You may render professional services, as a teacher, trainer or mentor, etc;

• Donate finance to fund education where it is most sorely needed;

• Provide or source and facilitate delivery of educational materials and equipment;

• You may take up the role of OEC ambassador, volunteering your effort in any way you are able, facilitating collection of resources or participation in workshops and programs and, indeed, initiate them for us;

• Access your contact network for financial services institutions that would like to involve themselves;

• Pitch aid and fundraising ideas at our Foundation, and

• Make the OEC Foundation aware of where needs exist, particularly with respect to grassroots educational needs.

OEC Art Workshops 

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