Work Security

 Work Security Programmes 

The OEC Work Security Programme

Our Work Security programmes deal with (1) Training, mentorships and moderation (short term). (2) Arrangement of internships and apprenticeships (medium term). (3) Upgrading work skills to keep up with current trends so as to ensure job security (long term)

Mentorship and Moderation

Educationalists will have it that theoretical knowledge comprises only 20%of that required, and 80% workplace familiarization and experience. There are two ways this can be accomplished, the first being to access information, tips and guidance from those who have established a wealth of experience, skill and reputation in their chosen industries. These personalities may feel compelled to form osmotic relationships with eager up-and-coming players in the sector of their choosing.

The OEC intends to source suitable candidates and to match them in a pool of experts – potential mentors and those who would moderate the performance of candidates.

However, to achieve that, the Foundation will require (1) a resource of mentors and (2) finance to host workshops and seminars, some workplace-related and some focused on personal skills, motivation and growth.

To this end, we look to you, the Friends of OEC, to partner with us – to guide potential mentor personalities our way and to sponsor workshopping events.

Internship and Apprenticeship
The longer-term phase of our work fitness strategy is direct workplace experience in the form of internships or apprenticeships. This has the result of providing candidates with an income whilst in training, although this is traditionally a very meagre income. Our Foundation sees its role as identifying suitable internship and apprenticeship programmes and opportunities, listing them in a database and making suitable candidates aware of these listed opportunities. Application, including reminders of closing dates will be an easy online process, adaptable to basic smartphone users.

Donors and assistors can participate in assisting with IT costs that this programme will give rise to and, equally importantly, making us aware of internship and apprenticeship opportunities that exist or may come about, for inclusion in our database.


In the event that you know of, or have heard of, an individual, family or community in need that could benefit from our Foundation’s assistance, please send all details possible to us, most especially the name, function and contact details of those with whom OEC must facilitate aid as well as the location and quantity of those needing assistance.

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